How To Become A Movie Extra

Movie Extra with Celtic Casting
  1. Enter your details into our online application system, including how you wish to be paid.
  2. After receiving an email from us, set a password for your profile.
  3. Log back into our booking system as a movie extra! Make advanced changes to your profile, at your leisure. Additionally, add more skills, photos, work permit details (e.g. PPSN) etc..
  4. We store your information securely. All future bookings as a supporting actor on movie and TV sets, as well as payment for your services, will be performed via this online portal. Your yearly membership fee will be deducted from your first payslip.

A Few Tips For Your Application To Become A Movie & TV Extra:

  • Two clear and recent photos are crucial. They do not need to be professional.
  • Do not submit black and white photos.​
  • Do not wear sunglasses, hats, or use filters for your head & shoulders shot.
  • Take your full length photo against a plain background – the back of a bedroom door or wall is fine; we just need to see you clearly.
  • Take a few minutes (and a tape measure!) to correctly capture your body measurements. It’s critical we have your proper measurements on our system, so we can match you to the correct roles. There’s no right number; we want all shapes and sizes!

Upload your measurements to the Appearance section of your Profile, so that casting agents and agencies can clearly see if you match their casting briefs. Your measurements are also vital for Costume Departments if you are cast.

How to take a photo to be a movie extra
How to measure body size - female

How to measure body size - male

Personal information:

We appreciate, by necessity, that there’s a lot of personal information on the application form. This is all held on a secure server. Bank details are required when joining so that Celtic Casting can pay you when hired. We do not take any payment from you.

Your proof of right to work in Ireland is ESSENTIAL. After we book you for your first job, you must upload an image of your passport (or proof of right to work in Ireland) to the “ID Documents” section of your profile. At that stage, we will then confirm you for the job.

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