How To Get Work With Celtic Casting As A Movie Extra

Film Production Cameraman

Once we’ve approved your application, we’ll let you know by email, and we’ll add you to our pool of available movie extras / supporting artists.

When a suitable role on a movie, TV show or commercial comes up, we’ll send you an Availability Check (an AV Check). We do this by email and via our online portal. This asks whether you’re available on a certain date at a certain location. Usually we send an AV check to multiple suitable people; it doesn’t mean you’re confirmed for the role.

You can reply to say you’re available or not. We forward the list of suitable & available supporting artists to the production company. Note that the more up-to-date and complete your profile information, the better your chances of being selected. The same is true for the quality and quantity of photos on your profile.

The production company decide who best matches their requirement. We then contact all those who’d made themselves available, informing them if they’ve been booked or released.

Once You’ve Been Booked On Set as a Movie Extra

We ask you to keep the day free once you’re labelled as “booked.” But note that due to the nature of this industry, between weather and schedule changes, that date may change. Do not make any transport or accommodation arrangements or anything that can put you out of pocket until we send you a message that says you’re “confirmed.”

We try to send out confirmation messages with as much notice and information as possible. It’s usually the case that we cannot give you the exact call time and location until the afternoon before the shoot day.

Where the supporting artist / movie extra is under 16:

  • If booked, we’ll ask their parent / guardian to complete a parental letter of consent for a child licence application. A letter of consent from the child’s school will also be required if the shoot is to take place during school hours.
  • There will be a professional chaperone on set.

All work we offer to you as a movie extra is paid.  Your rate of pay and our rate of commission will vary per job. This is made clear when you’re availability checked for a role.

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