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Siobhan Kavanagh - Movie and TV Casting Agent

Siobhán Kavanagh – Casting Agent

I started off as a trainee assistant director in 2013.  I quickly gravitated to the world of crowd and supporting artists.  Then I began doing direct castings for productions that were looking for something very specific. I’d put up fliers, do social media calls, visit sports clubs, theatre schools, even stop people on the street to find the required looks and skills.   My first direct casting was for The Drummer and The Keeper. Then, I  did a specific open casting for Vikings Season 6 within their casting team.  I worked on Winx (season 1) with David Kennedy where I was assistant extras coordinator.

Myself and Aoise loved working together under Siobhán’s Background Artistes and it was a natural evolution to set up Celtic Casting. I enjoy the creativity of casting and meeting so many new people. Showing diversity in terms of age, gender, ability, race, and size on screen is crucial. 

Supporting Artists / Background Artists / Extras are an integral part of a film, and they deserve to be treated well. As a casting agent, I get to spend time with them; they’re great craic!

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