Current Productions (excluding confidential shoots)

Clapper Board Explodes

TV Series

A TV Series, filming in Wicklow in summer & autumn 2024.

Clapper Board Explodes

Power Ballad

Feature Film, with a musical theme, shooting in Ireland in summer 2024.

Clapper Board Explodes

Video Nasty

A six-part comedy drama, set in 1980’s Ireland. Shoots in Monaghan in 2024.

Kate Mara - The Astronaut Feature Film

The Astronaut

Laurence Fishburne and Kate Mara excel in this sci-fi thriller – WRAPPED!

The Gone - TV Series 2024

The Gone – Season 2

TV Series set in Ireland and New Zealand, filmed in spring 2024 – WRAPPED!

Christina Hendricks - Small Town Big Story

Small Town Big Story

Tv Series written by Chris O’Dowd, starring Christina Hendricks – WRAPPED!

Dakota Johnson - The Watchers

The Watchers

Feature film set in modern-day Ireland, starring Dakota Fanning – WRAPPED!

Cillian Murphy - Small Things Like These

Small Things Like These

Feature film set in 198o’s Ireland, starring Cillian Murphy – WRAPPED!

Freuds Last Session

Freud’s Last Session

Feature film starring Anthony Hopkins and Matthew Goode – WRAPPED!

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